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Piles Treatment in Pakistan

PILER Tablet is the best
solution for your Piles Issue

خونی بادی اور پرانی سے پرانی بواسیرکا بہترین علاج

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Hemorrhoid or Piles is disease which have no medicine in allopathic for its treatment. There is only a surgery which have treat the hemorrhoid or piles. In Homeopathic there is guaranteed treatment for hemorrhoid. Our medicine

PILER Tablets will help you to treatment of piles in few days. 10 to 15 days treatment of Piles(hemorrhoid).

PILER Tablet For - Acute and Chronic
- Hemorrhoid, Proctitis
- Periproctitis
- Hemorrhoid Bleeding
- Anal Pruritis
- Anal Fissure

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Benefits for your Piles or Hemorrhoid Issue

How to Use PILER Tablet

Dosage: Take one tablet in morning before breakfast at-least 30 minutes gap with meal and one tablet in night after taking dinner and same 30 minutes gap. Take tablet with Milk.

If you feel so much pain and piles in extreme then take medicine 3 times a day.

Delivery Time 2-3 Working days. We Delivery all over Pakistan through TCS.

ALL The Medicines Manufacturer By Form 6 Holding B.H.P. Laboratory (Pvt) Ltd. Paragon Industrial Estate, 18-KM, Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Why Piles(Hemorrhoid) Disease Happened?

Most probably its happened due to lack of calcarea fluor in patient body. Our medicine Piler tablet fulfill the calcarea flour in the body and solve the Piles disease.

Care For Piles(Hemorrhoid)

- Don't take too much spices food or meal - Don't take too much meat in your meal - Don't Sit too much for long duration in washroom - Don't take too much oily meal - Avoid Yougart

PILER Tablet Composition

PILER Tablet Comprehensive Formula includes - ACER NEGUNDO: Fight against swelling and Pain - AECULUS HIPPOCASTANUM: Fight against burning and ache.

Home Remedies Of Piles(Hemorrhoid)

- In your diet eat fruits regularly, vegetables and porridge oats. Try to discharge soft stool which will help you avoid the straining this only can happen when you add fiber in your diet.
- Apply hemorrhoid(Piles)cream on affected area.
- Pass plain warm water around your anal where you feeling pain for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
- Clean the skin around your anal slowly and gently with light warm water.
- Always keep the anal area clean and never use alcoholic wipes on effected area.
- Rub softly ice cube on your anal to relieve swelling and it will slightly reduce pain too.
- If you feel hemorrhoid then take Piles medicine PILER Tablets

Cash On Delivery, Bank Online and Jazz Cash Payment Method

We deliver through TCS all over Pakistan. Delivery Charges 120/- Rs.

For Whole Sale Price and Distribution Call us 0307-7789537