FAQ’s Piles

Q. These FAQ’s will help you to know about Piles(Hemorrhoids) disease.

How do you get rid of hemorrhoids fast?

Ans. Take medication of homeopathy for piles treatment like PILER Tablets

Q. What is the best medication for piles?

Ans. Best medication for Piles in homeopathy PILER Tablets

Q. How long does it take for a external hemorrhoid to go away?

Ans. 30 Days course for Piles or Hemorrhoids.

Q. How do you cure piles?

Ans. Prevent meat, Yugart and spicy food and take PILER tablet twice in days.

Q. How do you know if you have piles?

Ans. You feel itching in your anus. Pain during passing stool.  Passing stool blood also come. Constipation for many days.

Q. Do piles go away on their own?

Ans. NO, You must do medication.

Q. Is pile curable?

Ans. Yes, In Homeopathy its easy to cure with prevent some foods like meat, Yugart.

Q. How can I cure piles at home?

Ans. You can’t cure by yourself. You must take some medication from homeopathy doctor or take PILER tablets twice a day.

Q. Which food is good for piles?

Ans. Fig and Milk

Q. Is milk good for piles?

Ans. Yes.