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Ladies secret problem Leucorrhoea(Sailan-ur- Rahem) are medical condition where women facing normally thick whitish or you can say yellowish color discharge from the vagina which is mostly adebt during pubescence, when sexual organs are growing in a woman. Our Product Virginol treat of Leucorrhoea very safely and effectively. Virginol Tablets are Homeopathic medicine have no side effects. Its contains natural herbs.

An Ideal preparation corrects Menstrual irregularities, Leucorrhoea and Hysteria and Improves general Health

Menstrual or Period disorder also can be resolve from Virginol Tablets. Woman normaly shy to tell these issue with the dr or in family but they need to discuss the issue and resolve it.

We can deliver it all over Pakistan. You need to pay advance 450+150 Delivery charges so total 600 in our official Jazz Cash 0307 7789537 account.


Starting 5 days 3 times a day (1+1+1)

then you feel improvement make it twice a day 1+1 (1 Morning+night)

One tablet in morning before breakfast and One tablet at night before go to sleep with milk or water.

We Have Form 6 by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

Important FAQs

What is leucorrhea?

Vaginal discharged (medically known as leucorrhea), is the natural process that are leak from women vagina. This natural process help lubrication and the avoid infection.

What the cause of leaucorrhea?

There are several reasons of Abnormal leucorrhea like may be caused by bacterial infections, yeast, or any other microorganisms. Like several sexually transmitted diseases, where the transmission involves of viruses or may be bacteria include diseases for example gonorrhea(Gonorrhea is type of an infection which normally happened during sexual activity and transmitted bacterium that usually effect both males and females.)

Is leucorrhea a big issue?

It is not a big issue but you can’t take it easy. You have to resolved as soon as possible. It can be a natural defense mechanism that the vagina uses to It helps to maintain vagina chemical balance and natural defense mechanism of vagina, and also to preserve the pliability of the vaginal tissue.


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