Bawaseer in English: Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Remedies

Bawaseer in English

Introduction In this article, we will look at a common but often misunderstood ailment – bawaseer, commonly known as piles. We’ll explore its causes, symptoms, and provide valuable insight into effective treatments for this uncomfortable condition. Bawaseer in English – What Are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids, or bawaseer as they are called in some parts of the … Read more

Bawaseer Ki Alamat(Symptoms) Aur Ilaj in Urdu

Hum is article ma bawaseer ki alamat per bat karain gay, aur details sa bawaseer ki alamat aur ilaj kay baray ma bataya jaye ga. Bawaseer ek asi bemari ha jo keh insan ko intahai takleef ma mubtala ker daiti ha. Bawaseer jis ko english ma Piles bhi kehtay hain 2 types ki hoti hain … Read more